Chapter 9 of Srimad Bhagwat Geeta

In next chapters 9 to 18 Mr. Ved Vyas is trying to inform that Universe can be devided in to 12 parts. ( 12 Children of Aditi or Universe). There are 8 Vasu ( Fire in Vasu ), 11 Rudra and Day and Night , 49 Mridugan and so many other parts of universe.To see all this special power or special scientific development is required. Now a days our space shuttle is searching all this in the Universe. I am thankful to efforts of NASA scientists , who are dedicated and working day and night to discover more. I am sure space shuttle must be flying at  same time which is supposed to be for Param Gati. Read this chapter with the above reasoning. As per reports scientists know 4% only of Universe. So many Glaxies and Deatails of Black hole is not known. Read also Teachings of Geeta
Chapter 9 Verse 7

Chapter 8 Verse 7

सर्व भूतानि कौन्तेय प्रकृतिम यन्ति मामिकाम /
कल्पक्षये पुनः तानी कल्पादौ विसर्जामी अहम् //
हे अर्जुन कल्प के अंत में सब भूत मेरी प्रकृति को प्राप्त होते हैं
अथार्थ प्रकृति में लय होते हैं और कल्प के आदि में उनको में फिर रचता हूँ //

Krishna explains Tatwa Theory about Carbon, Hydrogen, Nitrogen, Oxygen and Energy level. He says I am in all bio creations. I create all bio creations during starting of universe and I destroy during end of Universe.

In Chapter 9 nothing is new and what ever earlier said or written is consolidated. One can read verse 25 of Chapter 9. It only adds " You worship Allah, you shall get Allah. You worship Goddess , you shall get Goddess.  You worship human being you shall get human being. In such cases one takes birth again." Krishna again explains that you can worship me to become free from birth and rebirth system. Why in verse no 32 women is compared with business community or workers or sinners ? I am not able to understand. Any how there is no scientific explanation required for this. With this we close Chapter 9 for the time being and may discuss chapter 9 again if required.

मां हि पार्थ व्यपाश्रित्य , ये अपि स्यु पापयोनयः    /    स्त्रियः  वैश्याः स्था  शुद्रस्तेअपी यन्ति परां गतिम् //

हे अर्जुन स्त्री , वैश्य , शुद्रादिक तथा पाप योनी वाले भी जो कोई भी  मेरे शरण होकर मेरे को भजता है वो परम गति को हि प्राप्त होता है //

In Chapter 10 again Tatwa theory or Theory of Life is discussed . I am explaining verse 20 to 41.Krishna says " Oh Arjuna ! I am Atman and I am in heart of all creations. I am start , mid point and end of all creations. I am Vishnu of 12 children of Universe, I am sun , Air, Marichi Devta, Moon in Stars, I am Sam Ved , I am Inder in Devtas, I am mind in Indriyon, I am Vibrations or Chetanta in Creations, I am Shankar in 11 Rudra, I am Kuber in Rakshash , I am fire in 8 Vasus, I am Sumeru hill in all hills, I am Jupiter in intelligent persons, I am Kartik in Soldiers, I am Sea in Ponds, I am Bhrigu in Sages, I am OM ONKAR in words, I am in power of repitition, I am Himalya in all stable hills. I am Peeple tree in all trees, In Dev Rishi I am Narad Muni, I am Chitra Rath, I am Kapil Muni in Siddh people,In horses I am Special Horse, I am special Elephant in Elephants and in human beings I am King or Industrialist. I am Vajra in weapons, Kamdhenu Cow in cows, I am Kam Dev for creation , I am Vasuki in snakes,I am Shesh Nag in Cobras, I am water devta in water, I am Piteshwar in Pitre and Yam Raj in death ruler. I am time , I am lion in all animals , I am Garud in birds, I am air, I am crocodile, and I am Ganga. I am death,and reason of creation. In women I am Kirti (Famous), Shree (wealth), Vak( Word), Smriti (Rememberance ), Megha ( Intelligence ), Dhriti ( Acumenship), and Kshma ( Forgiveness ), I am Gayatri Mantra, I am Margshirsh Month and I am Basant Ritu. I am Arjun in Pandu and Ved Vyas in Muni and Sukra in Poets, I am silence, and I am Tatwa Gyan or theory of life. There is no creation without me. I have told all this in short.Any thing which is more powerful is created by me and is part of my minute particle.

I only see here repetition of all earlier information except that it is more clear that Krishna is part of all creations and as per Tatwa Theory or Molecular Knowledge all are part of amino acids and body is also part of amino acids.Details of amino acids means Carbon, Hydrogen, Nirogen, Oxygen and Power of bonds . If this is not correct, what can else be common in all ruling class or best quality genetic configurations? Let us try to find out and see why is it so important? 

Chapter 11 is very important as far as scientific knowledge is concerned. Krishna provides special power to Arjuna to see unique  body of Krishna. One can see (with special eyes provided by Krishna to Arjuna) all creations being created , living and dying with the passage of time. This means one can see future and one can see past. We have to wait till we reach to that special scientific development. It is possible that we are not able to argue as we could not argue about Television 100 years before. We shall try to explain this in 11th Chapter of  Gita or srimad Bhagwat Geeta or

 Arjun says" Oh Bhagwan I have gained knowledge about theory of life or Tatwa theory. I do not believe that all creatures are created and destroyed by you. If it is true then kindly show me your actual special or Alokik Body". Krishna says to Arjuna" You can not see all that with your human eyes. I am giving you special scientific eyes so that you can see my that body." As scientists can not see bacteria without microscope , so in the same way special body can be seen by special knowledge or special equipments.Till now we have not reached to that stage. Our scientists are trying to find out or discover theory of life. Soon that knowledge shall be available and one can see all creations.One can see that all creations are taking birth and dying and taking birth again. Chapter 11 is explaining and confirming proof of death and rebirth. Krishna gave him special eyes to see his special body and all this i.e death and rebirth. What did Arjuna see? Read Verse 15to 31" Oh God I am seeing Brahma on Lotus flower ( Why do creator Brahma sits on Lotus Flower? What can be scientific explanation for the same? ), Shiva or Mahadeva, All Scientists or Rishis / Sages, Very special wonderful snakes, I am seeing your so many hands, so many faces, eyes . I am seeing that you are universe and there is no starting and no end of yours, there is light of atomic diffusion(Very powerful light), so many Devta are entering in your open mouth. I am seeing 11 Rudra, 12 Aditi children, 8 Vasu, Ashwini kumar (Sun ), Mridygan and ancestors (group of died ancestors or Piter) all are seeing you with surprise. In verse no 26 and 27 it is stated that all children of Dhritrashtra , Bhishm Pitamah and all commanders of the Kaurav Army are entering in to your mouth or dying. All are being destroyed by you" " Oh God I can not see your this angry  shape or body. I thank you and appreciate you. Now kindly show me your other body. I shall like to know more about you. Again Kindly explain your Tatwa theory ( Verse 31 ).Nano News

Krishna says" Oh Arjuna ! I am now Maha Kaal i.e death to kill all. All these warriors shall be killed. I request you to start war and kill them. Please note that they shall all be killed without your help. So please get up and start war and kill all those already killed by me. So please start war. You may get name and fame. ( Verse 34)". Arjuna says " Oh Krishna you are Air, Fire, water, Moon, Brahma, Father of Brahma, God of Devata ( Devaish), You live in universe etc etc" .

Krishna says " Oh Arjun you can not see my this very fearful shape and body by learning Vedas , or Tap (Hard work ), or by donations or by Yagya ( Combination of fire and food)" Verse no 48 and 53. You can see me only by hard work, and concentration, devotion and by knowing my "theory of life".

  After reading chapters from 12 to 18 I find that Mr. Ved Vyas is explaining again and again Theory of Life or Tatwa Theory. Some how there should be connection between mind, concentration, Heart, control on desires and work without any expectations. As per me all these characteristics are of scientists , who dedicate their life for the others and work for the humanity. Characteristics of business class is different. So scientists can only discover new knowledge of Tatwa or theory of Life. My all respects to scientists of Bio Technologists, Doctors of human body, Bio Engineers , Space Scientists , Engineers of space shuttle and Astronauts.

In all other chapters from 12 th to 18th Mr Ved Vyas has tried to explain about work, charachteristics of work,  Food quality and work, effect of food on your mind , which type of food is to be taken ? What shall be effect of food on your mind or on your work, on your behaviour, which type of work or reward of work one may get in this life and what one may get in next life ( Verse 12 Chapter 18) . I shall explain all this on some other Plateform and shall be interesting to read. I am doing research to find out effect of food on this human body and why some persons behave differently? How and Why is there effect of past birth affect this life? How can one change? What is wriiten on this by our sages ? How is it possible ? Why are Tantriks afraid of bad effect or control of Pret atman? How mmany different Atman are there? Is it possible to be invisible? What happens to Atman between death and rebirth? If Atman remembers it's knowledge in the next birth, then how and what happens after death?

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